Wedding Ceremonies

wedding-ceremonyThis is your very special day, and I would love to share with you all the joy, fun and laughter that is possible to have in creating your day and your wedding  Ceremony!

I absolutely love being a Civil Marriage Celebrant and I would be honoured to perform your wedding ceremony and give you the best possible day that stands out in your memories forever, as well as for all your family and friends.

I don’t think you can have laughter without tears, as they just heighten the moment and give you and your family recollections of your marriage ceremony for years to come!

Creating your Wedding Ceremony

You may wish to include something about ‘how you both met’, which can add joy to the wedding ceremony, often laughter, thus creating a beautiful blissful and magic day.

I want to make ‘your wedding day’ exactly as you imagine it to be!

 Ritual and Symbolism

The following are rituals and symbols that you may like to incorporate into your wedding. These can be done in addition to or instead of exchanging wedding rings. They add a beautiful touch to your wedding ceremony and your guest will love it!

Sand Ceremony | Butterfly Release | Dove Release | Unity Candle Ceremony | Rose ceremony |Warming of Rings | Hand Blessing | so many more…….
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 Vows, Readings, and Music

Your vows are the heart of your wedding ceremony. They can be traditional modern or you can write your own. This is your opportunity to express the feelings and commitment that you share with one another. Your personalised vows are an expression of your desire and your pledge to share your lives together.

You may wish to include poetry or verse into your wedding ceremony which can be read by a member of the family, a friend or myself.

Your Music - Choosing your perfect music reflects your unique and personal style and adds a dimension to the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony.

During your ceremony

wedding photo 6 bride n groomYour wedding ceremony is special to you and your guests and should be heard by all attending your wedding. I can supply a professional portable PA system with wireless microphones and a remote control for the music through the PA system.

I will conduct your ceremony in a relaxed professional and heartfelt ceremony and will ensure that I dress to fit in with the style of your wedding.

You are required to sign three documents during the ceremony; the Certificate of Marriage, the Marriage Register and the presentation Marriage Certificate. You will also need two witnesses (over 18 years old) to sign these documents.

At the end of your ceremony you will receive your  ‘Certificate of Marriage’ and a copy of your Ceremony as a keepsake.

After your ceremony

I will attend to the lodgement and registration of your marriage with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your state within 14 days.

Commitment Ceremonies

wedding photo of gay guysCommitment ceremonies are celebrations of life. Many couples prefer this ceremony that for personal or legal reasons cannot or choose not to legally marry, but still wish to express their love and commitment to one another. These ceremonies are also ideal for couples who may not want the traditions of marriage, but yet want to rejoice in their love for each other.

Your commitment ceremony should reflect your life together and your personality. This is your day, so make it your own! You may like to include friends and family, as readers or witnesses to your exchange of rings or other unity symbols, and include extracts from special poems or songs that hold great meaning to you and your partner.


wedding photo lesbian couple 3I totally support same-sex marriage, and believe that everyone has a right to love whomever they wish, and the right to experience the joy of finding the person you want to share your life with and celebrating that union with a beautiful ceremony that commits you to each other.

I would love to be part of your Commitment ceremony and help you make it your own! I also include a presentation Certificate.

Renewal of Vows

wedding photo older couple yellow flowersAt certain times in a couple’s life together they feel the need to re-affirm the all important vows they made to each other at an earlier time. It may be to celebrate an important anniversary, to include family and friends who were unable to be present at the original ceremony (particularly if the ceremony occurred overseas) or to signify a renewed commitment after a time of difficulty in the relationship. Whatever the reason, a beautiful ceremony can be created and celebrated at a time and place to suit everyone involved.

You can also attach meaningful anniversaries such as your 10th or 50th, or whatever comes in between.

wedding photo with familyIt is also a lovely way to catch up with family and friends that may have been at your original wedding ceremony and include them and your renewal celebrations.

Other reasons for creating a Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony is when extended families that were not present at your wedding would love to now be part of your renewal celebrations and witness your marriage promises. Some couples just want to awaken their love for each other, and now they can also include members of their family to take part in this special day.

You can choose an intimate space with just your immediate family or have a party with many guests.

Whatever you choose, I would be privileged to help you celebrate your lives together, now filled with fabulous memories as you look towards a beautiful future!

Naming Ceremonies

naming-ceremonies You special Naming Ceremony is a beautiful way for your child to be celebrated by you and your family and friends.

The Naming Ceremony creates a space for everyone to come together and celebrate either a birth or a special welcome into a new family from adopting parents. This Rite of Passage is unique to each and every family, as you create the ceremony to include your lives and your memories for this beautiful occasion.

Celebrate an older child
A naming ceremony is also ideally suited to celebrate an older child in the family, particularly if there has not been a celebration previously. It is a wonderful way to welcome and celebrate an adoptive child into the family or to embrace stepchildren into a new family. The child or children can be any age. A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your child’s future development.

Ways to personalise your Naming Ceremony

  • Making your own personal parent vows or promises
  • Your thoughts on being parents to this wonderful baby/child
  • Include Grandparents in the ceremony
  • Announce the commitments to be undertaken by Godparents or other supporting adults
  • Presentation of a special gift that has significance to your child
  • Having ‘blessings’ read out that each guest has written themselves

It is also a wonderful idea to include members of your family in this celebration of Naming, either older children or grandparents to make this day truly wonderful. Older children or grandparents can be involved in readings, poetry or simply acting as a mentor or guardian for your child.

You may also like to choose a symbol for your Naming Ceremony, like the lighting of a candle, or the offering of a rose to each Grandparent or Guardian. In different cultures around the world Naming Ceremonies are performed differently. Names are important to bring good fortune. It is important to tell your family and guests at the ceremony why you have chosen this name, and its significance. This can be explained in the ceremony.

In different cultures around the world Naming Ceremonies are performed differently. Names are important to bring good fortune. It is important to tell your family and guests at the ceremony why you have chosen this name, and its significance. This can be explained in the ceremony.

Naming Certificates are usually presented to the child and other special members of the family during this ceremony. The most perfect place for your naming ceremony is at home or in your local park. Most ceremonies take place outside, but it’s always best to have a covered area close by, in case of rain. This ceremony does not replace the need for you to register your baby’s birth. All details for Birth Registration please go to Registry of Births Deaths & Marriage in your state.

You can also have a ceremony simply to celebrate a new stage in yours or your children’s life!

Other Ceremonies

New beginnings, parting of the ways, house blessings, pet funerals and moving-on ceremonies all have their own particular words and or blessings appropriate to each person or situation. I am very happy to discuss each ceremony and create a moving or fun ceremony to suit each occasion.

Included in the service:

  • Fully personalised ceremony
  • Portable PA system (if required)
  • Travel within Mackay, Sarina, Pioneer Valley,  Additional fees may apply for travel to Proserpine,  the Whitsunday Islands and Coalfields.
  • Presentation certificate

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